Your WordPress Solution

No matter if you are in Georgia or anywhere else. We can help! We have years of knowledge with WordPress, Woocommerce, Divi, Elementor and many other WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Wordpress Errors & Problems

We can help you get your site back and running quickly! Over the years we have came across just about every issue WordPress can throw at you. You can trust us with getting your website back online again.

Wordpress security

In todays time you have to take security threats serious and at WordPress Georgia we do. We can help protect your site from threats that could cost thousands down the road. Already infected with malware? That’s okay. We can help remove the threat and protect your site.

Wordpress Bugs & Troubleshooting

As dynamic as coding is, just about all software or applications can have flaws or conflicts with other plugins. We know the correct way to troubleshoot and find a solution to remove the glitches you would experiance otherwise. 


WordPress Georgia 

We started WordPress Georgia to help small and mid sized companies with their WordPress needs. We have over 11 years experiance. The demand for WordPress help was so overwhelming that many companies would pay 2-3 times the market rate to get help by companies that did not have the proper knowledge to assist correctly. We figured we could provide a better solution to help. From website design to Plugin Installation, we can help. 

How much does a New WordPress site cost?

Many factors go into the cost of building a website. You might need something really simple, or you could need a versitile sales platform to grow large and make more money than ever. We can custom taylor your website proposal to fit your needs. 


What We Offer

We can help you with any of your WordPress needs. We offer a huge selection of services ranging from Design, Hosting, Updates, Plugin and Theme installation and setup, Troubleshooting, Security and so much more! You can count on WordPress GA to ensure you are in safe hands with your WordPress site. 

Wordpress Design

Want a beautiful website? Don’t know where to start? No worries. We have you covered. We can build and design a beatiful website that you and your customers will love. 

Wordpress VPS Hosting

Want a more secure solution for hosting your website? We have dedicated and VPS solutions to fit any need. You can depend on us to give you fast hosting that is also secure. 

Security & Malware Solutions

Want to harden your site from the evil hackers that hold your data hostage? We have solutions no matter if you are being pro-active or re-active.


Our Approach to Security

There are many plugins for the security of your WordPress website. The problem that many of our clients have had is picking one that works and protects better than others. Then you have to know how to properly configure the plugin to minimize the chance of being hacked. This can be a stressful experiance. We have solutions we have used to greatly reduce your risk of losing data, having conact and customer email stolen and so much more. 

Dedicated and VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server can help in the efforts to protect your data. Many WordPress users use a shared hosting plan and this isn’t only a security risk, it cause you to have a underperforming site. You will have issues such as slow page loads, random errors, and a lot of other disadvantages. 

Malware Audits

Do you have a worry that your website might be infected with malware and potentially destroying your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Placement? Many clients have no idea that their site has hundreds sometimes even thousands of pages on their server that they don’t even know exisit. This will cause major issues with your search engine placement and even in some cases get your website Blacklisted.

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